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Tarpon Springs is a wonderfully historic small city with an unusual mix of Greek, Victorian and Floridian flair.  The Heritage Museum's mission is to educate visitors on how the dynamic interaction of environment and cultures created this unique city. 

The beautifully renovated facility, formerly a library, features a grand entrance area with two separate wings.  The History Wing traces the development of Tarpon Springs from prehistoric peoples to the Second World War.  The Ecology Wing explores the role of the native landscape and marine environment - including the sponge - in shaping Tarpon Springs' history and culture. 
The Heritage Museum is located at the cultural heart of Tarpon Springs, on shady Craig Park overlooking Spring Bayou.  The serene waters of the Bayou attracted the town's very first settler, and many wealthy northerners of the 19th century later built their winter homes on this "Golden Crescent."  Still very much a town landmark, the Bayou is the site of the annual Greek Orthodox Epiphany Celebration and cross-diving ceremony, and the winter home to numerous manatees.  

Your Support is Needed

We hope you will continue to support the Tarpon Springs Heritage Museum.  We would deeply appreciate your help as a volunteer, museum member, or as a donor of historical artifacts relating to Tarpon Springs.  Financial contributions are always welcome and are tax deductible. 

The Tarpon Springs Heritage Museum is available for private and public functions.  Please ask for more information at the front desk or call 727-937-0686

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