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Anclote Key State Preserve

The Anclote Key State Preserve is located on an island at the northeastern edge of Tarpon Springs.  Its remoteness makes it unique in that visitors must take a boat trip in order to experience this natural wonder of nature.


The Anclote Key Lighthouse is at the islandís southern end.  It served as a guide to ships for years and is still a landmark for area boaters.  President Grover Cleveland declared the Key a lighthouse reservation in 1886 and a year later, the 101-foot Anclote lighthouse and two houses for its keepers were completed.  These were occupied until automation took over the lighthouse in 1933.  The lighthouse was decommissioned in 1984 after modern technology made the beam obsolete.  

The island is home to at least 43 species of birds, including the American oystercatcher, bald eagle and piping plover.  Endangered loggerhead and green turtles are occasionally spotted.  

The Key displays six distinct biological communities:  marine sands, beach-dune, maritime hammock, mesic flatwoods, tidal marsh, and swamp.  

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